Lease Negotiation

Residential Lease

Certain terms of the lease may entitle you to rights if they were not met by the landlord, and we can negotiate to lower your payments for you.

Automotive Lease

Automotive leases don't incorporate car value depreciation, so you may be paying a high interest rate on a car that is not even worth what you're paying.

Commercial Lease

If you own a business and you are just not making ends meet, but you have leased something and are paying too much, we can help negotiate for you.

Lease Negotiation

FinancialSanityNow's lease negotiation service provides clients with several strategic advantages: The power of a "represented" tenant. Experienced landlords know that tenants negotiating with the assistance of a broker (such as our broker, frank) present a higher risk of relocation to another building. Similarly, tenants negotiating without a real estate pro on the team renew over 80% of the time. Landlords logically assume that "un-represented" tenants are not seriously evaluating other alternatives, so these tenants don’t receive the full spectrum of concessions available in the market. The mere fact that a client has retained FinancialSanityNow for a strategic evaluation of alternatives elicits more competitive proposals from the renewing landlord.