Credit Card Debt Negotiation

We help you take control of your debt

What We Do

We have been able to lower interest rates to as low as 0% or settle the balances owed for a fraction of the debt.
  • Credit card debt
  • High credit card interest rates
  • An outrageous outstanding balance
  • Bad credit
  • Non-static interest rates
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* We cannot guarantee to lower your debt by exactly this amount, but we are basing these numbers off of previous cases

Powerful debt reduction.

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Reduce your credit card debt by 50 to 90% of your current balance. That means if you owe $10,000, our experts can possibly reduce your owed balance to as low as $1,000 dollars. Our negotiation experts have over 20 years of experience with lowering interest rates and balances owed. We fight for you and read between the lines so you don't have too. Our team allows you to rest assured, debt-free!

Money Saved

Here are some before and after debt pictures.

Payments Lowered

Thousands saved

Interest Dropped by 1/4th

Insane payment reduction

More Interest Rates Lowered

Client paid a lot less after negotiation

Interest Rate Lowered

Client interest rate dropped significantly
Money Saved

Perfect Settlements

From $40,000 in debt to $7,000

Another Amazing Settlement

From $90,000 in debt to $20,000


From $120,000 in Debt to $30,000