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Our network and company were both started to help people easily discuss debt, scams, overpriced companies, unwanted charges, fine print charges, mortgage, credit card debt, interest rate reduction and more. It also allows people to seek out expert advice by clicking here.
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FinancialSanityNow has been helping people for over a decade. Their team of financial experts have over 20 years of experience in the industry and can lower the money you owe to a fraction of what it is now. 

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FinancialSanityNow is a different kind of service. Allen, his daughter Helena and their team of debt modifiers have been saving people money for years. They decided to start a social network where others with similar problems could go and share their insight, and where experts can respond to questions. The reason why Allen started FinancialSanityNow is because his life changed dramatically in 2006 when he was crossing the street near his home.  A driver on his cell phone ran Allen down. The driver had no insurance. Allen’s recovery was difficult. “I was confined to a wheelchair for almost two years. By the time the housing and financial crisis was at its worst in 2008, I was deeply in debt, with a mortgage in jeopardy.” Allen continues, “I had to remedy the situation and there was no perfect answer, no clear path. I focused on my mortgage first and was able to negotiate a great modification. This allowed me to keep my house. My next focus was my debt and working out agreements that would make put my own financial future in order. This was a very emotional time, but once I made the decision to find solutions, I felt relieved. This made it possible to continue the next stages of recovery from the accident. I discovered that indecision will never lead to financial freedom. I also learned that asking for advice was essential to recovery of all kinds — physical and financial!  My story of financial hardship is now bring repeated with millions of families. The details may be different, but the solutions are the same. Seek advice and take action.” Allen Lissauer works with people from many walks of life, business owners to homeowners and beyond, who all have one thing in common: A need to put their financial affairs on a strong footing for a secure future. 


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Communicate with others that have debt, or even financial specialists. 

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